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חדשות מעולם הבדיקות

  • My talk "Identifying Code Smells" for ZappleTech’s Test Automation Meetup

    My talk "Identifying Code Smells" for ZappleTech’s Test Automation Meetup My talk "Identifying Code Smells" for yesterday's ZappleTech Test Automation Meetup is now available to watch on YouTube

    22.02.2024 | 7:07 קרא עוד...
  • To Bell the Generative AI Cat

    The latest survey by Weber Shandwick shows that Generative AI is a top priority for CEOs, with 51% marking it as a top priority above the other options of inflation, ESG, and geo-political conflicts. But most of the CEOs are not sure about how to bell the generative AI cat! Let’s look at this in a bit more detail in this article. To quote the words of Chris Deri, president of Weber Shandwick’s Corporate Advisory Businesses, The big takeaway on generative AI…is that 75% of executives do not feel personally equipped to lead their organizations through this. I think that means 2024 is going to be something of an observation year. The No. 1 action executives are looking for is an AI vendor. But they can’t farm out or delegate innovation. They really have to become technologists themselves and have the ethos of testing and learning and failing fast in order to understand. As Quoted In Fortune CEO Daily I would like to highlight the last line, the most significant for us, the technologists/testers/quality professionals. The CEOs ought to become technologists themselves and have the ethos to test, learn, and fail fast, in order to understand how the generative AI works. Let’s take a moment to grasp the intensity of the task involved in testing generative AI. If it is a domain-specific LLM, it would be much easier as the scope is limited, but if it is something like general LLM model like chatGPT, would you even venture to test it yourself,[…]

    22.02.2024 | 6:07 קרא עוד...
  • Everyone can test but their intent is off

    Everyone can test but their intent is off Over my 8 years of ensemble and pair testing as primary means of teaching testers, I have come to a sad conclusion. Many people who are professionally hired as testers don't know how to test. Well, they know how to test but from their testing, there is a gaping results gap. Invisible one. One they don't manage or direct. And the sad part is that they think it is normal.  If you were hired to do 'testing' and you spent all your days doing 'testing', how dare I show up to say your testing is off?!? I look at results, and the only way to look at results you provide is to test after you. My (contemporary) exploratory testing foundations course starts from a premise of giving you a tiny opportunity to assess your own results, because the course comes with the tool of turning invisible ink to visible, that is listing of problems me (and ensembles with me) have found across some hundreds of people. I used to call it 'catch-22' but like usual with results of testing, more work on doing better has grown the list to 26. Everyone can test, like everyone can sing. We can do some slice of the work that resembled doing the work. We may not produce good enough results. We may not produce professional results that lead into paying for that work. But we can do something. Doing something is often better than doing nothing. So the bar can be low. An experience at work[…]

    21.02.2024 | 1:43 קרא עוד...


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